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Record, transfer and carry your favourite movies and TV shows with you.

You can now watch your favourite shows whenever you like, wherever you are. With the innovative Tata Sky+ Transfer HD, your TV viewing experience is about to transform forever.

  • Record

    Running late for your favourite TV show? Don’t you worry! Have it recorded and watch it at leisure whenever you get back home.

  • Transfer

    Fighting for TV is passé. Get your favourite TV show transferred to your mobile phone using the Wi-Fi at home. And watch it relentlessly.

  • Carry

    Be it making that boring bus ride interesting or stealing a moment from a busy day for the fan in you - carry your favourite TV show wherever you go. And watch it without an internet connection.

  • Stream

    Feel like watching some recorded content right away, but someone else is watching TV. You can instantly stream your recorded show and you don’t even have to wait for the content to transfer.

  • Want to get
    Tata Sky+ Transfer HD
    right away?

    Spare a couple of moments on how to use it first. Just a couple of moments, really. It’s that simple.

  • Connect your Tata Sky+ Transfer HD set-top box
    and your mobile device to the home Wi-Fi.

  • Download the Tata Sky mobile app
    and sign in with your subscriber ID.

  • Activate the Transfer Pack
    on your account.

  • Transfer the recorded shows from your
    set-top box to your mobile device.

  • Open the Transfer section on your mobile app
    and enjoy your recorded shows till you drop.

Transfer is quite
flexible too. It works on:

Can’t wait anymore
to get Tata Sky+ Transfer HD? Don’t.

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