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TATA SKY presents Tata Sky World Series, a dedicated service featuring the best shows and series from around the world for your viewing pleasure. To start with a bang, the first series to be screened is a critically acclaimed show about mobs, drama and a gruesome Italian urban legend.

Based on the famous book by Roberto Saviano, this mob drama has every inch of blood, money and power at its core. Where the ultimate authority is the mafia that rules Naples and Caserta and the only language that is spoken is ruthless craving to be the most powerful one around.

With many struggles portrayed across five stories that end being wrangled together as one in violence, Gomorrah is action-drama at its finest and a partial reflection of the world today.

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Ciro Di

Orphaned at a young age, Ciro has a reputation for surviving no matter what life throws at him. Seemingly always in control, Ciro has risen high in the Savastano clan but itches for more power.


The pudgy twenty-year-old heir to the Savastano clan lives under the burden of a destiny he has not chosen.


His power is based on force, and violence is his means of silencing any and all challengers. But he is also a man with strong family values.


For twenty years, she has stood by her husband's side, upholding the family name and familiarizing herself with the clan's methods, while experiencing both the honor and constrictions of a spouse, mother and woman in a man's world.

5 reasons why the #CarnivalOfCrime is your ideal binge this summer.

Some things never get old. Like Italian mobs, their language and honest to life dramas based on their extravagant yet brutal lifestyle.

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7 ways the mafia is not very different than us.

Do you imagine that the mafia have classy lives with the whole world in their hands? Well, as true as it may sound they are very much like us in some ways.

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With a few episodes down, you must have noticed that Gomorrah is all about living the best life at whatever cost. Well, here’s an article on how it’s not so sanskari and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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