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TruChoice Channel Packages

Tata Sky DTH now brings you more flexibility in choosing the channels you want to watch. TruChoice offers genre-based DTH packages made especially for your convenience. Choose from a variety of Base Packs, Regional Packs, Add-On Packs, Actve Packs and Specials to create a viewing experience suited to your tastes. Alternatively you can choose our ‘Make My Pack’ option to select individual channels and pay only for what you watch.

Base Packs

Compare Packages

Compare Packages

Ultra Plus Packs

Announcing Ultra Plus Packs, a new set of Base Packs available in four variants - Ultra Plus SD, Ultra Plus HD, Ultra Plus South SD & Ultra Plus South HD. All variants of Ultra Plus Packs will be available to all subscribers in monthly, semi-annual, annual and biennial versions.

Ultra Plus Packs will consist of all channels available on the platform, other than Actve Services & Specials. However, Actve Darshan will continue to be a part of Ultra Plus Packs.

Advantages of subscribing long-term

The long duration version (semi-annual, annual, biennial) of Ultra Plus Packs will also enjoy the following benefits which will otherwise not be available for monthly Ultra Plus Pack subscribers -

  • Free Showcase movies: Avail of free Showcase titles as per the term of the pack
  • Free Service & Relocation visits

HD Channels & Services

HD Access Fee enables viewing of all those HD channels/services where the corresponding SD channel is subscribed to as a part of the base pack or add on pack and/or standalone a la carte subscription. Charges are as follows:

  • `175Per Month
  • `990For Six Months
  • `1925Per Annum

HD Channels/services can also be viewed by paying applicable a la carte rates for such channels/ services , without paying HD Access Fee.

Long Duration Packs

Save more with long duration packs!

Opt for the semi-annual and annual versions of DTH packages and avail of huge discounts.

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MultiTV Subscription

If you have multiple TVs at home you can avail of the subscribed channels and services across all your additional TV sets at a fraction of the package cost of your primary connection. You would need a separate Tata Sky set top box for every additional TV - which would be your MultiTV connection.

  • `240Per Month
  • `1360For Six Months
  • `2640Per Annum
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  • Disclaimer
  • *Includes interactive services and free regional packs (as applicable). Please note there is no free regional pack or interactive services available with My 99 pack.
  • #This service is only available for subscribers with a Tata Sky UHD 4K box/connection. Temporarily suspended.
  • For the purpose of calculation of service charges, 1 month is considered as 30 days
  • ~Subscription to one of the Base Packs is a must to avail of any Add-On Packs. Add-On Packs and Regional Packs are available for a minimum duration of 30 days. No change for the selected Add-On Packs and Regional Packs will be permitted for a period of 30 days (from the day you subscribe to it, unless you opt for the Annual Ultra Pack.
  • Minimum monthly subscription for chosen DTH packages or individual channels cannot be less than Rs 165
  • Tata Sky Ltd. reserves the right to add or drop a channel/ package/ service from any package and/or change the package rates.
  • The http://www.tatasky.com/images used are the IPRs of the respective channels. The depiction is illustrative only and subject to change.
  • Minimum Subscription Period for A la carte channels is 30 days.