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Tata Sky DTH – FAQs

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Tata Sky Ltd is a joint venture between Tata Sons and 21st Century Fox.

Tata Sky satellite television service was launched on 8 August, 2006.

Tata Sky uplinks all channels from broadcasters to its satellite (INSAT 4A).
The satellite sends these channels in digital format to the mini-dish fixed outside your home.
The mini-dish relays the channels to the set top box which decodes the channels and sends them to your television, giving you an unparalleled television viewing experience with DVD quality picture and CD quality sound.

Tata Sky offers the following advantages over analogue cable:

  1. DVD quality picture and CD quality sound: All television channels are available in crystal quality picture and sound.
  2. Actve services: These interactive services are available 24x7 and cover a range of topics including cooking, live Darshan (from the most revered temples in India), enhancing English language conversational skills, cartoon based games and many more.
  3. Showcase: Watch the latest blockbusters from the comfort of your home on Tata Sky’s pay-per-view service - Showcase. All movies come with just a single ad-break and in original print. The movies can be ordered once and enjoyed multiple times through the day.
  4. Tata Sky HD: With the Tata Sky HD service you can enjoy 5.1 Surround Sound, 1080i resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio that allows you to view incredibly vivid colours and images up to 5 times sharper than what you can view today.
  5. Tata Sky+ HD: In addition to the HD picture quality, you can also record your favourite shows and watch them later at your convenience. For more information, click here

Both Tata Sky HD and Tata Sky+ HD set top boxes are capable of delivering 3D content. You will be able to watch 3D content with these boxes, as and when it’s available on Tata Sky. However, you will need a 3D TV and 3D glasses in order to enjoy 3D content.

Tata Sky HD, the latest digital revolution from Tata Sky will give you the experience of a cinema right at your home. With the Tata Sky HD service you can enjoy 5.1 Surround Sound, 1080i resolution and 16:9 Aspect ratio that allows you to view incredibly vivid colours and images up to 5 times sharper.
Click here to know more

Tata Sky+ HD, the latest digital revolution from Tata Sky will give you the experience of a cinema right at your home. With the Tata Sky+ HD service you can enjoy 5.1 Surround Sound, 1080i resolution and 16:9 Aspect ratio that allows you to view incredibly vivid colours and images up to 5 times sharper than what you can view today. In addition to the HD picture quality, you can also record your favourite shows and watch them later at your convenience. For more information, click here

Tata Sky enhances your TV viewing experiences with the following features:

  1. Guide: Browse through the 4-day schedule which includes the programme synopsis for all channels on Tata Sky.
  2. Reminder: This feature allows you to set a reminder for your favourite programmes up to 4 days in advance, ensuring you never miss an episode of your favourite show again.
  3. Favourites: You can set up to 50 channels in the order of your preference as a part of your favourites list.
  4. Search & Scan Banner: This feature allows you to check out what’s playing on another channel without changing the channel you are currently watching.The banner appears at the base of the television screen and does not interfere with what you are watching. It disappears automatically after giving you the schedule of programmes across all channels.
  5. Parental Control: You can regulate what your children watch with Tata Sky‘s parental control feature. This unique feature allows you to lock movies based on parental ratings or even an entire channel. To do this, press ‘organiser’ button on your remote and select parental control.

TV signals are currently distributed in the country in analog as well as in digital and terrestrial formats. A digital format provides better picture quality & sound and other benefits leading to a better quality service. Most cable operators in the country are providing analog TV service while all DTH operators are providing a digital TV service. Digitisation means that all cable TV households would receive digital TV signals through a Set Top Box. As part of Digitisation, every cable operator will be legally bound to transmit digital signals, which can be received at the subscriber's home, only through a Set Top Box, often called a STB. Click here to know more about Digitisation

A few minutes of outage might occur during rains. This phenomenon is called rain fade/rain outage and occurs in DTH platforms across the world. It will result in your television losing reception for some time. We have tried to cut down this time so it might happen only for one or two minutes in a year. This too is automatically detected and gets corrected by itself.

Tata Sky has three set top boxes available – Tata Sky standard set top box, Tata Sky HD set top box, Tata Sky+ HD set top box.

You can buy Tata Sky connection using any of the below mentioned convenient options:

  1. To buy online click here.
  2. Call Tata Sky Helpline on
    From All Lines (except MTNL/BSNL):   1860 500 6633
    From MTNL/BSNL Only :   1860 425 6633
  3. Visit your nearest Tata Sky dealer

To find the list of dealers in your area, please send an SMS “dl (space)(pincode)” to 56633. For eg. SMS dl 400025 to 56633

To know the Helpline number for your region, please go to http://www.tatasky.com/tata-sky-helpdesk.html

Tata Sky offers special discounts & additional benefits for consumers who purchase a Tata Sky connection from the website. For more details visit http://www.tatasky.com/directSalesHome.do

You can upgrade your current set top box by either getting in touch with the Tata Sky Helpline or by visiting your nearest Tata Sky dealer. Please mention your subscriber ID while asking for an upgrade & check for offers at the time.

You can choose any of the six options below to recharge your account.  

  1. Using Credit / Debit Cards or Net banking account

    ONLINE: Log on to www.mytatasky.com and go to Account Recharge option to recharge your account between:
    1. Rs 100 – Rs 30,000 for Selfcare/ Voucher Pin/ CC/DC and Bank Recharge
    2. Rs 100 – Rs 9999 for EVD recharge

    HELPLINE: Call the Tata Sky helpline, select the 'Recharge' & use the 'Pay by Credit card/ Debit Card or NetBanking to make your payment.
    1. Rs 100 – Rs 30,000 for Selfcare/ Voucher Pin/ CC/DC and Bank Recharge
    2. Rs 100 – Rs 9999 for EVD recharge

  2. Recharge through your local dealer

    You can contact your nearest Tata Sky dealer to buy a recharge voucher or simply pay him for an electronic Top Up & your account will be recharged immediately.

  3. Recharge using your mobile

    Log on to http://m.mytatasky.com from your internet enabled mobile phone ( GPRS or Wi-Fi ) You can recharge your Tata Sky account only via credit card transaction. Please keep your One Time Password ( OTP ) handy to prevent a transaction time out.

  4. Cheque Payment

    Write a cheque in favour of “Tata Sky Ltd“ and drop it in the Skypack drop box in your area. Please remember to write your Tata Sky subscriber ID and your mobile number on the reverse of the cheque. Please ensure that your cheque is local/at par, current dated, dully signed, minimum amount of Rs 100.

  5. Auto Debit Facility

    By using Auto Debit facility, you authorise Tata Sky to debit your bank account/credit card for a fixed amount of Rs 500 each time your Tata Sky account balance reaches Rs 200. You will have to first register for this facility. To register, download the Auto Debit Form, fill it in triplicate and mail it with all the relevant documents to:Tata Sky Ltd. Auto Debit Request P.O. Box 2424 Bangalore 560024

  6. Recharge through SMS

    This facility is available only for ICICI Bank Savings Account customers. Simply type an SMS in the format given below and send to 9222208888

    DTH(space)Subscriber ID(space)tatasky(space)Amount(space)Last 6 digits of your ICICI bank account number.

    E.g. If the last 6 digits of your account number are 123456, to recharge a TATASKY subscriber ID 100582XXXX for Rs 200, you need to send the following SMS to 9222208888 DTH 100582XXXX TATASKY 200 123456

  7. Recharge through ATM

    This facility is available only for Yes Bank & DCB (Development Credit Bank)  Account customers.

    Tata Sky recharges can also be done through all Yes Bank & DCB ATMs across India now. To recharge a Tata sky account, the subscriber should have an account with the respective banks and the bank’s ATM card.
Recharge denominations are available from Rs 100 to Rs 9999. However, if you choose the option of recharging online through your debit card/credit card/net banking account on www.mytatasky.com you can recharge for any amount between Rs 100 to Rs 30,000.
The minimum recharge value for recharges through all channels is Rs 100.
If the your bank account has been debited but the amount has not been recharged to your Tata Sky Account, due to a Submitted/Failure Status, it would take 7 to 10 working days for the amount to be credited back into your account.

Tata Sky now offers channel packages in a simplified genre based format. Channels of the same genre are grouped together, to allow for simplified selection of content. This allows subscribers to chose content of their choice and pay only for what they want to use.

In TruChoice Channel Packages, you can subscribe to one of the Base Packs & opt for any Add-On Pack depending on your requirement. You also have the choice of picking your favorite regional channels through the various Regional Packs. Two regional packs are free with all Base Packs.

Tata Sky gives you the power of building your own pack basis your viewing requirements. Apart from the genre based packages prepared especially for your convenience, you can also choose channels on a la carte basis.

You can either create your pack with only individual channels or do a mix-n-match of the existing TruChoice packs with individual channels. Just ensure that your minimum monthly subscription charges are Rs 165 or more.

The subscribers on old packaging can also select additional channels on a la carte basis.

For more FAQs on Make My Pack Service click here.

Depending on the channel package you select, you can get popular television channels including STAR, Sony, Zee, SUN, HBO, Cartoon Network, Discovery, Disney Channel, MTV, NDTV, STAR Sports 1, STAR Sports 2, National Geographic Channel, Zoom, 9X, UTV Bindaas, UTV Movies and many more.
Click here to view channel packages

Keeping in mind our diverse audiences, we have several regional channels covering Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Odiya, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi and many more languages. SUN channels are also available on Tata Sky as a part of the Tamil Regional Pack.
Click to view a complete listing of the channels in each package.

The Tata Sky SMS number is 56633. You can SMS only from your Registered Mobile Number (RMN). To register your mobile number, please call the helpline.

Press the ‘home’ button on your remote and your subscriber ID will get displayed on the screen.
With Tata Sky you can perform multiple functions on your account such as account recharge, package modification or order Showcase. You can also get information such as account balance & due date, dealer locations and your current package selection with prices by simply sending an SMS. The SMS must be sent from your Registered Mobile Number (RMN). To avail of our services, SMS the following to 56633:

SMS services for subscribers
  1. To recharge: RC <space> <16-digit recharge PIN>
  2. To order a movie on Showcase: SC <space> <event code>
  3. To get account balance and due date: BD
  4. To find your nearest dealer: DL<space><your pincode>
  5. To know detail of your subscribed packs and their prices : PACK
  6. To subscribe to Add-On packages: ADD <space> <Package code>
  7. To drop existing add on pack : DROP <space> <Package code>
Any pack add/drop action can be done by
  1. Calling the helpline
  2. Through Selfcare
  3. By sending SMS

Tata Sky offers a range of interactive services for all members of the family. Our unique offering includes Actve Music, Actve Fun Learn, Actve English, Actve Cooking, Actve Games, Zeetos Rewards and Actve Darshan. Other services include VoD and Showcase.

Yes, by registering yourself on Tata Sky selfcare you can manage your accounts online.
To register on Selfcare please visit www.mytatasky.com.
Following facility is available on the Selfcare section of Tata Sky
  1. Recharge your account
  2. Order Showcase Movies
  3. Check account detail
  4. Add/Drop/Renew channel packages
  5. Record TV Shows

If you have more than one television at home, we offer multiple Tata Sky connections, which is known as MultiTV connection. Under this solution you need one Set Top Box per television & can watch different channels on different televisions at any given time. Subscription charges for the 1st Set Top Box will be applicable as per the package/s selected. Avail the same package on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Set Top Box at only Rs 200 pm. 

The advantage of a MultiTV connection is that the subscription charges for your 2nd, 3rd & 4th connection are as per the below table irrespective of the package/s subscribed to on your primary connection.

The subscription charges for each MultiTV connection is dependent on the box type connected -

Pack Monthly (Rs) Semi-Annual (Rs) Annual (Rs)
Multi TV Subscription Charges Rs 200 Rs 1,133 Rs 2,200

Above charges are per television

Yes, Tata Sky subscribers do enjoy special offers on taking a new MultiTV connection. Here are the offers:

MultiTV Box Type Cost (Rs)
SD Box Rs 1600
HD Box Rs 1800
HD PVR Box Rs 6180

The cost mentioned above is a one time payment towards the box & installation. Minimum account balance rule applies for MultiTV connection. Please check with the Tata Sky Helpline for any additional cost if applicable.

Tata Sky also offers a Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) solution for multi-storeyed buildings, with the option of using a single dish for the entire building. Individual homes still need to have their own set top box and maintain individual subscription accounts with Tata Sky. An individual dish will not be offered to residents as the entire building has been specially wired by Tata Sky.

Residents of a multi-storeyed building, getting a Tata Sky connection, are required to get society permissions prior to their purchase.

The advantages of an MDU connection are as below:

  1. Single dish solution for the entire building which consumes minimum space & maintains the aesthetics of the building.
  2. Internal wiring solution which gives freedom from exposed wires.
  3. Common dish for the entire building which ensures no additional drilling work and so hence lowers any chance of leakage.

For further details please call the helpline.

ASC stands for Annual Service Commitment - a special service offered to Tata Sky subscribers to have their set top box serviced after the base warranty period is over.
The subscriber needs to call the helpline and request for ASC enrolment. A Tata Sky Installer will then visit the subscriber's home to carry out a technical inspection of the equipment, post which he will get the ASC form duly filled and signed by the subscriber.

The Tata Sky set top box will be covered under the ASC. This ASC will not cover the Remote and/or any wilful physical damage of the set top box or installation material, any form of substitution or replacement that has been done, any defacement of the serial number on the set top box, any voltage fluctuations or rat bites or neglect - on account of improper use.

ASC charges

Time at which the ASC is purchased Primary Box Each Secondary Box
On the day of Installation Rs 199 Rs 199
Within Base warranty Rs 299 Rs 249
Out of warranty Rs 499 Rs 449
During the 90 day service warranty Rs 499 Rs 449
Tata Sky does not levy any charges on calls made to the helpline or SMS'es received. You are billed for the outgoing calls and messages by your telecom service provider only. For details of charges, please get in touch with your telecom service provider.
All set top boxs are covered under a Base Warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of installation (“Warranty Period”). Should you encounter any problem, please call the 24x7 Tata Sky helpline. Our Tata Sky associate will be able to help you resolve the problem. If the problem persists, we have a dedicated team of Tata Sky Installers who are trained to solve any technical problems that you may encounter. Post the Warranty Period, Tata Sky also offers an Annual Service Commitment service to its subscribers. You can get the details of the same by calling the Tata Sky helpline (for details on the Warranty Period, kindly refer to your Tata Sky Subscription Contract).

Please call our 24x7 helpline. Our associates are trained to answer subscriber queries in 13 languages. For frequently asked questions press the ‘help’ button on your remote. Visit www.tatasky.com/demo to view a demo of all the features available on Tata Sky.

Tata Sky’s standard installation uses a 10 metre cable length. Any installation that calls for an increase in the length of the cable or any form of internal cabling, special mounting or RF connection to additional televisions, would be categorized under non-standard or premium installation. Please speak to the Tata Sky associate for more information on this before your purchase.

You can take your Tata Sky set top box with you to any place in India. Call our helpline to find out more about our relocation policy.

Service Visit charges are Rs 150. Material replacements done as part of the service visit will be charged extra.
Relocation charges will be as applicable:

Sub Category No of boxes Outside premises Within premises
    With Kit Without Kit With Kit
Residential - Regular One 200 625 200
Two 300 725 300
Three 400 825 400
Four 500 925 500


0 425 0
Two 0 525 0
Three 0 625 0
Four 0 725 0


Yes, monthly account statements will be sent to the email address provided during registration. To update your e-mail address in our records, please login to www.mytatasky.com, go to account details and update your account profile.

The Once in 365 Days Subscription Holiday Offer allows subscribers to disconnect their Tata Sky services for a minimum period of 5 days to a maximum period of 15 days, at a nominal cost of Rs 20.
Click here to know more

Add-On Packs, Regional Packs & Ala carte channels are available for a minimum duration of 30 days wef 6 April, 2011.

Subscribers recharging their Tata Sky accounts for Rs 351 or more when in 'active' status get a Recharge bonus of Rs 15 into their Tata Sky accounts. This campaign is valid for all recharges beginning 12 December 2013 for active subscribers. You can avail Recharge bonus only once a month.

Transfer of Ownership (TOO) Facility is available as per Tata Sky Policies in exception scenarios*

*Your existing Tata Sky subscriber account should be greater the 6 Months for you to opt for a Transfer of Ownership (TOO). Your existing account will be cancelled and a new account will be given. Remaining account balance, if any, shall stand forfeited.

Please mail your feedback to help@tatasky.com with your subscriber id and registered contact details. Registered Tata Sky users have the option to use the My Query Section online / as well as avail of our online chat support at www.mytatasky.com You can check NODAL officers contact numbers / email ids click here. Subscribers can also call the Tata Sky Helpline toll-free on 1800 180 6633. Please check the following link for additional contact nos. – http://www.tatasky.com/wps/portal/tatasky/helpdesk