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Tata Sky DTH – Once in 365 Days Subscription Holiday Offer

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Tata Sky has launched a unique service through which subscribers can save subscription fees while going on their annual vacation.
‘Once in 365 Days Subscription Holiday Offer’ allows subscribers to temporarily disconnect all Tata Sky services for a minimum of 5 days to a maximum period of 15 days.

So the next time you’re on holiday, you don’t need to pay anyone. Neither your milkman, nor Tata Sky!

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FAQs on Once in 365 Days Subscription Holiday Offer

What is the Once in 365 Days Subscription Holiday Offer?

The Once in 365 Days Subscription Holiday Offer allows subscribers to being able to disconnect their Tata Sky services for a minimum period of 5 days to a maximum period of 15 days, at a nominal cost of Rs 20.

So how does it work?

If you are planning to take a vacation for more than 5 days, simply call the helpline & request for the Once in 365 Days Subscription Holiday offer. The helpline will take down your request & also confirm the period you would want to avail of this offer. During this period, not exceeding 15 days, your Tata Sky services will be disconnected, but your account balance will be secure. On the date the service is enabled on your connection, a Rs 20 charge will be levied to your account. The services will resume automatically on the date specified by you at the time of making your request or within 15 days; whichever is earlier.

What if I avail of this but return within 7 days?

If you had mentioned the exact date at the time of making a request for this service, the services will automatically resume on the date stated by you or 15 days whichever is earlier. However if you are back from your vacation earlier than expected, simply call the helpline & we would be happy to help you resume your services right away.

I am an annual pack subscriber? I have paid the subscription for the entire year & have no account balance. How does this work for me?

You could definitely use this service even if you have subscribed to any of our long duration packs. Your long duration period will be extended by the number of days you have utilised this service so that you get a complete 365 days of viewing. Not having a balance for the Rs 20 charge is also not a problem. You could pay for the amount at the time you recharge the next time to renew your annual pack.

What happens to my MultiTV connection connection?

On availing of this service all your Tata Sky digicomps will be disconnected. All the digicomps will also resume services simultaneously on the date so determined.

I am on a monthly pack & have just Rs 10 in my account. Can I use the service?

As a monthly pack subscriber, the account balance in your account on the day the service is activated should be at least Rs 20. Should your account balance have fallen below that amount, the service will not get enabled. It is hence advisable that you recharge your account - as not only would be able to use the service but your account balance would remain intact

I have an annual pack & a MultiTV connection & currently my account balance is Rs 10. Can I use the service?

Yes you can. However, your MultiTV connection will get deactivated on account of the Rs 20 being charged to your account & you will have to recharge once your services resume. Hence it is advisable to have your account recharged & then avail of the service.