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Understand your
child's learning style

Every child has a learning style of their own. Parents should discover this and encourage their child to excel within that style of learning.

Below are 7 different types of learners

  • A pictures speaks a thousand words to these children. They find simplicity in pictures and colours. They like to draw diagrams, colour code notes to understand a concept better. So, don't complain when they scribble or draw on walls or bedsheets.

  • If they are not listening, they are not learning. These kids love to listen. They pay attention to the tone, pitch, volume of the teacher in class and prefer audio recordings of lessons to get clarity. Club the audio recording with music and get surprised by your child's attention level.

  • Tell them to read or write about a concept, they won't be interested. But involve them in projects, demonstrations, role plays of the same concept and see how their enthusiasm level goes up. Hence, don't get mad when they end up dismantling a remote-controlled toy car out of sheer curiosity.

  • They prefer self-made notes and creating an information bank. They highlight, edit and rewrite important points in their notes. Such students also prefer solving previous exam papers and multiple choice questions.

  • They look for patterns and connections even in irrelevant information. They can't blindly memorise a term. They love logical examples or statistics to help them understand a complicated problem. If they understood the logic behind a mathematical equation, then can even surprise you solving a complex calculation mentally.

  • These students prefer to study alone. They are very introspective and reflective and prefer to sit alone and focus their thoughts on the topic at hand. They like to keep a log/journal/diary to write about their personal thoughts and feelings.

  • They learn to study in groups and love talking to others to get clarity. They even prefer spending a lot of one-on-one time with the teacher. So if you find your child surrounded with friends with a text book in hand. Don't advise him/her to study alone.


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