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When you discriminate, you hate.

Witness how the movies in the Mumbai Film Festival tackle issues of discrimination prevalent today.
We play several roles in a person's life, and biasness of any kind, shouldn't be one of them.
Discrimination of any manner such as race, colour, caste, or sex are all abominations that should be terminated. So, the major question here is, why should anyone of us have to tolerate discrimination?

  • Aligarh

    Whether it is a man or a woman, we all have the right to privacy and to make our own choices.

    Ramchandra Siras is a professor who teaches Marathi at Aligarh Muslim University who experiences discrimination due to his sexual preference. An emotionally captivating film that describes the animosity between Siras and the society he is surrounded by. The poetry in the film is magnified by the silence in between the words, the silence that could change lives, and the life that was taken away from him.
    'Aligarh' by Hansal Mehta is here to awaken & spread awareness that an individual can have his own choice & right to privacy.

    The Cast:
    Manoj Bajpayee, Rajkummar Rao

  • Angry Indian Goddesses

    Incidents related to violence and discrimination against women in India continue to generate news headlines & become the centre of conversation in society.

    'Angry Indian Goddesses' by filmmaker Pan Nalin sheds light on the battles faced by women while pointing out the discrimination tolerated by them on a daily basis. Six friends undergo a chaotic friendship experience, as Freida the glue that holds the group together, announces her marriage but doesn't reveal her beau. An impromptu bachelorette party reveals the emotional turmoil faced by the characters from insecurities to chaos, from hopes to dreams and Freida's anxiety about her upcoming marriage.

    The Cast:
    Sarah-Jane Dias , Anushka Manchanda, Sandhya Mridul, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Amrit Maghera, Rajshri Deshpande

  • Qissa

    A tale of one lonely soul in a world of 10 million.

    'Qissa' by Anup Singh is a movie that shows how far Umber Singh goes to fulfill his urge to have a male child after having three girls. The fourth child who is born a girl but ends up getting a boy's name which is Kanwar. She faces a mammoth of internal battle as she tries to prove her stance as a girl while her father forces his ideology and impressions upon her to raise her as a boy. This is a delicately woven story that addresses sexual discrimination, gender roles and the oft-taboo topic of human sexuality.

    The Cast:
    Irrfan Khan, Tillotama Shome, Tisca Chopra

  • Chauranga

    Caste is just a word until it turns into a life threatening situation.

    'Chauranga' is directed by Bikas Mishra, this story is a great portrayal of how the upper caste & lower caste interact with each other. This is the story of Santu who is a Dalit boy, and wants to seize all he desires in his life, his education and even the love of an upper caste village girl. He watches as trains zip by, reminding him of how insignificant his village is to the outer world. Santu wishes to prove himself and do more than just take care of his pig. However, the social scale within his village and the status quo imposed, make him go through a number of challenges to prove his worth.

    The Cast:
    Sanjay Suri, Tannishtha Chatterjee

  • Fandry

    Why let a word define who you are?

    'Fandry' a movie directed by Nagraj Manjule, portray unequal practices which exist within the Indian society. A heart-warming story of Jambhuvant Kachru aka Jabya Mane that is here to inspire social change. A generally intelligent person, Jabya, struggles to prove his worth by opting to believe in zany superstitions to rid him of his tag as a social pariah. Fandry depicts caste discrimination through love, emotions, power & social status.

    The Cast:
    Suraj Pawar, Somnath Awghade, Kishor Kadam

  • With the help of such movies, we shed light on issues that are yet prevalent within our society. These movies possess a direct connect with the audience and have the power to awaken a desire for change. Watch them only on a Tata Sky near you! Or visit this to know more. #FilmFestAtHome