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Tata Sky Mobile


  1. Tata Sky Limited (Tata Sky) has introduced a special offer called the Tata Sky Bollywood Premiere (Offer). Tata Sky Bollywood Premiere is a service provided by Tata Sky for showcasing of one Premiere movie every week, along with some premium movies.
  2. This Offer is open for all Tata Sky subscribers including first time users (Subscribers). The Offer is available in both High Definition (HD) as well as Standard Definition (SD) channels.
  3. Subscriber will only have to pay INR 75 per month i.e. INR 2.5/- per day to avail the Offer and get access to HD & SD versions of Tata Sky Bollywood Premier, if the Subscriber is paying High Definition Access Fee ('HDAF').
  4. If the Subscriber is not paying HDAF, Subscriber will have to pay INR 75 per month i.e. INR 2.5/- per day to avail the Offer and get access to SD version of Tata Sky Bollywood Premier.
  5. If the Subscriber is not paying HDAF but the Subscriber wishes to watch Tata Sky Bollywood Premier in HD, Subscriber will have to pay INR 95/- per month i.e. INR 3.17/- per day to avail the Offer and get access to HD & SD version of Tata Sky Bollywood Premier. The Offer however is free of cost for all Platinum subscribers.
  6. To avail this Offer, the Subscribers must subscribe to the Offer on 15th May 2017 by using any of the following methods:
    1. Missed call: By giving a missed call on 9230892308 from the Registered Mobile Number (‘RMN’) of the Subscribers.
    2. Tata Sky website: By logging on to My Tata Sky on www.mytatasky.com.
    3. Helpline: By calling the Tata Sky helpline number 18602086633.
    4. Call Centre: By calling at the call centre.
    5. SMS: By sending sms to ‘TABO’.

    After subscribing, the Subscribers will be able to view Tata Sky Bollywood Premiere in HD on channel no. 304 and in SD on channel no. 305.
  7. Once the Subscriber avails the Offer and subscribes to Tata Sky Bollywood Premier, the Offer shall be made available for a minimum period of thirty (30) days and the Subscriber can unsubscribe Tata Sky Bollywood Premier only after the expiry of the said period thirty (30) days.
  8. The Offer starts with a Premiere movie playing the entire week at different slots. On weekdays, Premium movies shall be played on alternate slots and on Sundays multiple movies can be seen.
  9. Post availing this Offer, the ‘Miniplex’ service availed by the Subscribers will be discontinued and the Subscribers will not be able to view ‘Miniplex’ service. All existing ‘Miniplex’ service subscribers with more than 6 month viewership will be migrated to Tata Sky Bollywood Premiere on the date of availing the Offer and ‘Miniplex’ service subscribers with less than 6 month viewership will be migrated on rolling basis on completion of their 6 months. 


General Terms and Conditions:

  1. Tata Sky reserves the right, at any time, to verify eligibility requirements, in any manner deemed appropriate by Tata Sky.
  2. Offers cannot be combined for additional discounts nor can any offers be clubbed to avail this Offer. This Offer is non-transferable, not for resale, and not redeemable for cash.
  3. In addition to the terms and conditions stated here, the Subscribers shall be bound by the  terms and conditions stipulated in the Hardware Warranty Terms and Conditions, Specific Terms and Conditions of Tata Sky Subscription Contract and/or Specific Terms and Conditions of Tata Sky Subscription Contract for Tata Sky Hardware provided on Entrustment basis and/or Everywhere TV Terms and Conditions and such other documents, all found on the Tata Sky website - www.tatasky.com. The documents referred above will be collectively referred herein as ‘Subscription Contract’.
  4. Tata Sky shall not be responsible in case of any network problems such as breakdown of machinery, unclear network, disruption in the network and/or the charges that may be payable by the subscriber to any network operator. Any dispute about the same should be settled between the Subscribers and the network operator without involving Tata Sky.
  5. While subscribing to the Offer, the Subscribers must provide all the required information, which may be asked from the Subscribers.
  6. Tata Sky reserves the right at any time, without prior notice, without assigning any reason and without any liability whatsoever, to add or vary all or any of the terms and conditions or to replace, wholly or in part this promotional scheme or to withdraw it completely or to change the composition of this Offer.
  7. All taxes and/or levies applicable in relation to the Offer shall be solely borne by Subscribers.
  8. Tata Sky will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to the Subscribers if the Offer is cancelled and/or withdrawn by Tata Sky or if the Subscribers are not able to view the Offer due to a Force Majeure Event including without limitation for reasons beyond the reasonable control of Tata Sky such as war, natural calamities, floods, failure of telecommunication network, satellite technology failure etc.
  9. By availing this Offer and subscribing to the Tata Sky Bollywood Premiere service, it shall be deemed to be construed that the Subscribers have read and consented to the terms and conditions stated here in and in the Subscription Contract.
  10. The Subscribers and/or any person through the Subscribers shall waive any and all right that such an individual may have to claim ambiguity in these terms and conditions and agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless Tata Sky and its respective affiliates, advertising and promotion agencies, and its respective agents, partners, representatives, officers, directors, shareholders and employees from and against any injuries, losses, damages, claims, actions, or any liability of any kind resulting from or arising from the Subscribers availing this Offer.
  11. Tata Sky reserves the right to forfeit the Offer in the event it is found by Tata Sky that any information provided by the Subscribers is wrong or any misrepresentation is made by them.
  12. By availing this Offer, it shall be construed that the subscriber has read, understood, accepted and agreed to abide with all the terms and condition stated hereunder.
  13. All capitalized terms used herein shall have the same meaning as ascribed to them in the Subscription Contract.
  14. In the event of any inconsistency between the Subscription Contract and these Terms and Conditions, in so far as this Offer is concerned, the latter shall prevail.
  15. Headings used herein are for convenience only and do not affect the interpretation of this Offer Document.
  16. The terms of the Offer shall be construed in accordance with the laws of India and the courts of New Delhi shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate and/or settle any disputes in connection with the Offer.