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  • The Landing Channel

    The Landing Channel

    Landing Channel is a video that is played every time the Set Top Box is switched on – with “100” as the dedicated listing number for it. Each box type has unique Landing Channel, as per the distinct profile of the relevant audience. Landing Channel is a measurable medium and offers the advertiser with pre- and post-evaluation of campaigns. Landing Channel has a 6.9 Mn average daily reach at household level.

  • Search & Scan Banner

    Search & Scan Banner

    Search & Scan Banner is part of EPG which appears in the lower third of the TV screen on every channel swap.

    Search & Scan banner is used for checking present and future programme​ listing across channels. Appearance of Search & Scan banner is channel agnostic. Image branding on Search & Scan banner is a great way to reach out to the entire TV viewing audience at any given point and offers great top-of-mind recall.

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    Geo-targeting is now possible on the Search & Scan Banner. Brands now have the opportunity to showcase different campaigns in different states/ regions.

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    Guide – the most preferred button on the Tata Sky remote – leads to to EPG with channel and programme listing. Image branding in Guide is conspicuous and offers the advertiser with high recall for any brand building or CTA-driven creative.

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    Associate with Relevant Content

    Associating with relevant content offers immense opportunity to reach out to the right TG and create an engaging impact. Tata Sky has a plethora of such content pieces which can be broadly classified into 3 segments:

    • Tata Sky Services (Paid for) – Relevant content opted by viewers on paid basis. Examples include Fitness, Beauty, Learning English, Cooking, Grooming, Etiquette, etc.
    • Tata Sky Services (Free for viewing) – Curated Bollywood and regional content packaged together as an offering for free viewing. Examples include like Tata Sky Show Bizz, Tata Sky Bhojpuri Sanima, Tata Sky Health Qyou, etc.
    • Pop-up Services – An assortment of Bollywood, Hollywood movies, serials and TV shows launched as dedicated service for specific period. Examples include MAMI movie fest.
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    Interactive Ads​

    Adding red button to video ad converts the ad into an interactive ad and offers an engaging experience. This red button can lead to contests, graphics with product or offer information.

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Mass reach

Reach out to over 50 Mn viewers

Viewers with buying power

45% of the households are skewed towards NCCS A, Highest contribution of HD boxes, High % of online recharge, Increasing mobile app usage, indicates disproportionate share of premium audience

Targeted reach

Choose your audience from various segments – SD, HD or HD+ with a wide range of interests such as fitness, health, cooking, beauty, Bollywood,dance, acting, regional content and many more

Relevant content

Select the content piece to associate with to deliver required reach for the campaign. E.g., Target Hindi heartland viewers with our service "Bhojpuri Sanima"

Driving engagement via Interactivity

Red button can be placed on the landing channel leading to various interactive formats such as games, quiz, graphics, etc.


Our partnership with TAM offers robust evaluation of campaigns on the landing channel. Plan your campaign efficiently with our pre- and post-evaluation

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