What is DTH / Digital TV?

DTH/Digital TV is a new technology for the broadcasting of television signals. Traditionally, analog TV transmission has been the traditional method of broadcasting TV channels. But analog TV transmission is not as efficient as that of digital TV. It uses up much more valuable spectrum than DTH/digital TV, and only allows TV stations to transmit one channel at a time.

In DTH/digital TV signals, the TV programme is coded into a digital stream of “0” & “1” similar to that of a computer. As a result, these signals occupy much less capacity in the spectrum. So in space required for one analog TV channel, a broadcaster can carry four to five different DTH/digital TV channels. This means greater choice of services as well as better picture and sound quality for the DTH/digital TV viewer. DTH/Digital TV technology can also be used to deliver future interactive video and data services that analog technology can't provide.