Planning Ahead

You did it! You had a great interview and now you are excited to know what happens next. Here’s our version:

Hear from us soon
It’s time for us to consider your interview performance, skills and experience. We will assess whether you will be the right fit in the role we’re hiring for and in Tata Sky. You can expect to hear from us or our representative shortly to discuss the next steps for you. 

Some more interviewing/testing
You might have to go through another interview with our Human Resources team or the team you are looking to join. These interviews may be behavioural or technical and the interview tips we mentioned earlier will work here too. If you haven’t taken the aptitude or psychometric test before you might be asked to do that at this stage. Here too our previous tips on testing apply.

It’s a short list
Once you have been shortlisted for the job, you will be asked to upload the mandatory documents on the portal so that we can begin the verification process. Hence, read the email carefully and upload the documents promptly. Once that is complete, we will have a discussion with you.

Before we begin
Congratulations! You accepted. You would need to go for a mandatory medical check-up before we finalise your start date. Likewise, you will be asked to go through some policies which are vital to us and fill out some forms as part of our online onboarding.

That’s it. Welcome to Tata Sky.