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Our language today is cluttered with short-forms and abbreviations borrowed from our digital conversations. Can classic dohas and shayaris even be relevant? Film Writer – Lyricist – Poet Javed Akhtar shows us they are! Presenting the intricate delicacy of Urdu poetry in stirring renditions, he highlights how such music genres are timeless. Tata Sky Javed Akhtar is a unique platform that explores the current relevance of the work of great poets and philosophers. Featuring Dohe by Kabir, Rahim & Vrind and Shayari by popular Urdu poets like Ghalib, Firaq, Meer & Iqbal, every interpretation is accompanied by a ghazal or a music piece exclusively composed for Tata Sky.​

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Rediscover poetry with Tata Sky Javed Akhtar

In today’s technology-filled, fast-paced​ life where language is stunted with abbreviations, do classic dohas and shayaris still hold any relevance?

Watch and listen as Film Writer - Lyricist - Poet Javed Akhtar brings alive the intricate delicacy of Urdu poetry in stirring renditions that continue to add value to our lives.

Tata Sky Javed Akhtar is a unique platform that aims to explore, debate and discuss the relevance of the work of these great poets and philosophers in today’s day and age.

Featuring Dohe by Kabir, Rahim & Vrind and Shayari by popular Urdu poets like Ghalib, Firaq, Meer & Iqbal, every interpretation is accompanied by a ghazal or a music piece that has been exclusively composed for Tata Sky.

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